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We understand the key role career mentors, coaches & career counsellors play in the career decision process. Our extensively researched framework will guide you throughout your life journey. Whether its is about your career decision or financial freedom, we’re here with you. We provide accurate insights to effectively guide individuals to the most promising choices. 


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memory training

We have psychologically counselled a number of students, brimming with untapped potential. Nothing makes us happier than watching a client overcome the battles raging within and rise like a glorious Phoenix. 


Vedic Mathematics

We offer the most demanded Vedic Mathematics training for everyone. Solve tough calculations in a matter of seconds. This unique training equips you with some essential skills you will ever need in your educational journey.



The career counseling team supports you in your choice of study and career, during your training and at the beginning of your working life. In a personal consultation you can clarify important questions about your professional future.

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We believes right path can lighten our destiny. Our main focus is right guidance at right time to everybody in the world. 

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Career counseling

Thinkfiniti believes in bringing opportunities to people. Our career seminars in colleges and high schools; not only just personal interaction but also ensure that highly experienced and certified career counsellors provided to you.

Personality Development

Let us lend a helping hand through our workshops, seminars, one-on-one conversations with well-established and certified counsellors to ensure you limitlessly keep evolving into your best and happiest self.

Fitness Counselling

With the increasing epidemic of obesity ensnaring children, Thinkfiniti seeks to change this unhealthy future with its ‘fat to fit’ program. The program works closely with instructors, educators and students alike.


Our Entrepreneurship Workshops will arm you with both the personal mindset and necessary professional skills; further honing your skills to bring out the best Entrepreneur in you.


Psychological counselling

We have psychologically counselled a number of students, brimming with untapped potential, and done so in a way that has resulted in the overall fulfillment and progress of the individual.

Essential Finance

Whether you are a working professional or just a curious learner looking to learn more about how to start investing. We’re always here to guide to your way of financial freedom.

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic maths course has been introduced as a result of ancient times for Mathematics which are based on Atharvaveda. The course is based on the natural way of learning; which helps you understand and perform the calculations at a much faster rate. 

Digital Marketing

Globe is covered by digital media, the best way for marketers now a days is the skills they can deliver in online world. We have wide range of courses in digital marketing that can boost your interpersonal skills and can strengthen your path to financial freedom.

Parental Counselling

We understand that being a parent is special but also difficult at times so we are here to listen to you, to help you and guide you. We ensure to help you in overcoming and finding solutions to related fears and insecurities, enabling you to better guide your child with ease.

Still confuse in choosing the right path for you . . . ? Explore our wide range of solutions. 

academic exellence

Our trainers have served individual across the globe and performed tremendous outcome to knowledge seekers.

Life Changing Skills

ThinkFiniti trains you with all the relevant financial, psychological, interpersonal skills you’ll ever need throughout your life. 

Global Connections

It doesn’t matter if you live in any country in the world, we’ve guided academic and corporate personalities to their life goals.

We Serve purpose

Everyone struggles at times. Our core purpose is to make it easier for people to achieve everything they dream of.

what makes us special

We provide opportunities to succeed

What do I want to be? Finding an unequivocal answer to this crucial question is difficult. Internships do give concrete insights into the professional world, but there are also numerous other decision-making aids. Careers advice in ThinkFiniti is versatile and paves the way to the right profession.

your support motivates us

Dr. Sitanshu counselled me during one of the toughest times in my lives and helped me find direction. He provided me insight on how to monetize my Instagram. As a mentor he is an extremely well rounded person and so motivated to see others succeed. I appreciate how personally invested he is in his work and wish all his students the best of luck.

Elizabeth Banks Affiliate Marketer

Thinkfiniti helped me during the time when I was invited for a TEDxTalk. In such a short duration they helped me up with the practice of my session as it was my first talk and definitely everyone is terrified of stage fear . The positivity which Dr. Sitanshu bring in is very massive and impacting, it helped me alot during my talk.Would highly recommend them to schools,colleges or individuals looking forward to develop such skills. They deliver what they promise.

Shubham Jain CEO of Tresmoto, TedX Speaker

Dr. Chauhan makes learning an easy,fast and efficient task for students.He teaches practical brain train strategies which are useful to both students and educators.His program of optimising the learning process and has helped me immensely. Truly worthy training.

Sajna Nizar Founder , Great Moms Key, Coimbatore

The pandemic hit at the cusp of my graduation and had left me confused about my future.I came across a webinar by Thinkfiniti which was the most uplifting, resourceful webinar I have attended.The speaker, Dr.Sitanshu was extremely cheerful and positive.In under an hour he worked his charm to make me feel more confident about my aspirations. His belief in my goals made me land a job at Byjus in the recent past.

Vaishali Singh Software Engineer, Byju's

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