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Career counselling

Psychometric Test

Like an ECG to an operator, psychometric tests allow our certified career counselors to assess kids thoroughly, ranging from their skills, abilities, personality traits to their knowledge. This allows both kids and parents to make informed choices on their child’s career goals and aspirations.

SWOT Analysis

Thinkfiniti believes that a person must be their own judge. Hence, SWOT Analysis is the perfect tool for you or your child to introspect upon his/her/their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, if any. This analysis technique will aid in identifying the vital, internal strengths and weaknesses, and external opportunities and threats completely based on your personality traits and goals.

Career Seminars

Thinkfiniti believes in bringing opportunities to people. Our career seminars in colleges and high schools; as well as personal interaction, not only introduce a large variety of career options but also ensure that highly experienced and certified career counsellors provide all the practical information one may need to clear various doubts and confusions. We also provide step by step guidance for any career (regardless of how unconventional it may be) you or your children/students may have questions about.

Personality Development

Your personality defines who you are, what you do, how you present yourself. Most distressing circumstances that people experience have at the least, some correlation to your intrinsic personality and mindset.

Personality is something that requires constant work and improvement, and without proper and adaptive guidance, it can be quite an arduous task to constantly keep working on your personality.

Let us lend a helping hand through our workshops, seminars, one-on-one conversations with well-established and certified counselors to ensure you limitlessly keep evolving into your best and happiest self.

Fitness Counselling

Fat To Fit

With the increasing epidemic of obesity ensnaring children, Thinkfiniti seeks to change this unhealthy future with its ‘fat to fit’ program. The program works closely with instructors, educators and students alike. Monitoring nutrition and fitness in the youth of today. After all, fitness transforms not just the body but also mind and soul.

Diet Counseling

As per WHO, 1 in 6 adolescents were overweight, amassing to 1.2 billion. Thinkfinity believes education to be a primary tool in combating such issues. Diet counselling ensures healthy teens and also provides them with good, strong eating habits that they must follow daily.

Entrepreneurship Workshops

Being a successful entrepreneur requires certain unconventional skills, not regularly taught in schools. Whether you’re a beginner or an established entrepreneur looking to evolve their skills;  Our Entrepreneurship Workshops will arm you with both the personal mindset and necessary professional skills; further honing your skills to bring out the best Entrepreneur in you.

Sales, Marketing and Branding Workshops

I Can Sell

What’s the first and most important skill that one needs when attempting to sell a product or service?  Confidence. Our extremely interactive,  “I can sell” workshops will help you prove to yourself that you indeed, can sell and will do so successfully.

How to Sell Sand in the Desert

Are you in love with the process of sales? Do you want to learn more? Or simply improve your skills. Who says you can’t sell sand in a desert? Our Sales Expert will show you exactly how to answer this challenging and interesting Sales question and ensure that you are able to land the most lucrative sales deals you can dream of.


In the present world, especially with the advent of the internet and the availability of large consumer numbers ‘Big Data’ has made it simpler in ways, but challenging in others to understand your consumers and Brand your Company in a way that is most beneficial to you and your target market. We believe that both; personal and professional branding go hand in hand. This workshop will educate you on the concept and importance of branding in today’s rapidly changing world, so that you will be able to head out there and build a powerful and attractive Brand Image, for yourself as well as the product/service you are providing.

Social Media Marketing

It’s no secret how important and lucrative social media has become for Marketers and Founders alike. But which social media channels to use? When? How and where to engage your target audience and form meaningful brand relationships with them? Social Media presents opportunities as well as challenges, for marketers. Our workshop will teach you how to tackle these challenges and use the opportunities, to the best of your abilities.

Board Exam Preparation

Based on personal experiences, we can assure you that the stress and anxiety associated with board exams is certainly much higher than the challenges they pose. But, challenges are meant to be faced in order to evolve into a stronger and smarter individual. 

Let us aid you in clearing these exams and looking at them as intriguing, exciting challenges to overcome.


  1. CBSE Board
  2. ICSE Boars 
  3. State Boards

Entrance Exam Preparation

Medical Entrance Preparation

  • NEET UG Preparation 

Thinkfiniti believes in passion and hard work. Both are vital elements that go hand in hand. If you’re passionate about healing the ailments of the human body and adding your own share of value to people’s lives; let our well-established Doctors imbibe in you the persistent and sharp skills necessary to crack the so-called ‘frightening’ entrance exams in a way that does involve hard work and persistence, but as little stress or anxiety as possible. 

  • NEET PG Preparation

 Congratulations! You’ve almost crossed the undergraduate phase of life. But of course, one obstacle remains. Do not worry. We’ve got yourself covered with our workshops delivered by established Doctors, and Students that have had success in cracking the NEET PG. Learn from not just the best, but the ones most suited to clear the path towards your goals.

Engineering Entrance Preparation

  • UG Preparation 

As customary as the lucrative profession of engineering might have become in India, we believe that your passion is your destination. If the work and results of being an engineer (whichever branch it may be ); is what excites you, don’t hold yourself back due to fear of competition or any other predicaments that you may harbor. 

  • PG Preparation 

The journey isn’t over yet, and Thinkfiniti’s M.Tech webinars/ seminars delivered by none other than the best and brightest engineers. Not only will you be informed about various valuable tactics to clear the entrances, but also about the highly gripping opportunities and challenges that await you as a specialized engineer.

Life Coaching


Great leaders don’t dream about the success they work for it. Thinkfiniti trains you to tap into your leadership qualities and become a molder of consensus.

Positive Thinking

The days of observing the glass half empty are far gone. The adversity of today’s times is a call to take action towards a positive mindset and how we can channel it to our benefit.


Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy combines cognitive-behavioral techniques with strategies to help individuals to understand and manage their emotions and thoughts better. It is a path to separate eustress from distress.

Overcoming Fear

Your phobia might more often than usual keep you away from achieving what you want. A helping hand helps you realize why your fear is stopping you from achieving what you are truly set to achieve. Thinkfiniti believes in reinstalling this fear and manifesting it into actions.

Essential Financial Intelligence

Investing Basics for Beginners

Money is a tool for adding value to your business and society. An intelligent person realizes that money is an asset and it must be spent and invested smartly to ensure financial security or even financial freedom, where your money makes more money. There are basic, entry-level tips, tricks and information that we believe must be imparted to everyone who wishes to not only earn money, but invest this valuable resource in order to earn adequate returns and ensure that you don’t have to worry about the bills. 

Whether you are a working professional or just a curious learner looking to learn more about how to start investing and where; this workshop conducted by those that know their way around investments, is precisely suitable for further developing your financial intelligence and gaining a strong grip on the concept of finances and money.

Becoming a Successful Trader

There is notably a lot more to trading than just buying and selling stocks/ equity. Our basic course would have introduced you to the essential components of investing. If the markets pique your interest, and you wish to learn the discipline and skills that make a successful trader; be it stocks, bonds, etc. allow our workshop, conducted by individuals that have gained significant trading experience and success over the past years; use their expertise and experience to guide you down the path of being a successful, disciplined trader. 

How to Make Money While Sleeping

This quintessential workshop will teach and train you in the art of generating adequate passive income. What is passive income ? The income generated by non-active, passive activities. Activities besides your primary job(s). Why stop earning when those eyes shut and you fall asleep after a tiring, productive day ? In this workshop, we specifically highlight sources of passive income and provide insights into smart, passive investing. 

Psychological counseling

“A man or woman who conquers him/herself is greater than one who conquers thousands in a battle.” 

There is true merit to this quote for it signifies the potential one taps into when one is able to regulate the tricks of the mind. We believe that addressing the true, intrinsic issues at the core of your mind and emotions is sure to result in significant, notable improvements. This is sadly overlooked in the fast-changing world that we live in.

We have psychologically counselled a number of students, brimming with untapped potential, and done so in a way that has resulted in the overall fulfillment and progress of the individual.

Nothing makes us happier than watching a client overcome the battles raging within and rise like a glorious Phoenix.


Personal Counseling

We all face successes and failures in life; sometimes we are unable to find the courage to face our failures, and it takes a significant amount of effort to return to a stable mindset again.  We provide personal counseling on a one-on-one basis to all in need of that calm, encouraging and effective push. We offer professional guidance on working towards your desired passions and goals; by addressing multiple factors of your life and cooperatively finding solutions. 

Our Certified Counsellors are well educated and open-minded, which ensure that they identify and understand yours distresses. We assure you to treat the root causes of all the harsh negativity you may experience and transform you into a happier and more productive version of yourself.

Parental Counseling 

‘Parenthood’ is considered to be one of the toughest tasks. We are here to make it easier for parents with distresses; to better, and more efficiently, manage and nurture their children. We do not tell kids ‘WHAT TO THINK’, but rather ‘HOW TO THINK’. Parental counseling focuses on how to nurture the child with positivity and mindfulness, facing all odds in their life. 

We understand that being a parent is special but also difficult at times so we are here to listen to you, to help you and guide you. We ensure to help you in overcoming and finding solutions to related fears and insecurities, enabling you to better guide your child with ease.

Relationship Counselling

A much-needed discussion of the time is ‘RELATIONSHIPS’. Sometimes we all go through a rough patch while handling relationships; with our family and friends, our loved ones, our work colleagues, etc.

We aim to help you get rid of the negativity residing in your heart and we show you how to examine things from another’s perspective and build and maintain fruitful personal and professional relationships; all under the guidance of a Certified Counsellor.

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ThinkFiniti trains you with all the relevant financial, psychological, interpersonal skills you’ll ever need throughout your life. 

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We provide opportunities to succeed

What do I want to be? Finding an unequivocal answer to this crucial question is difficult. Internships do give concrete insights into the professional world, but there are also numerous other decision-making aids. Careers advice in ThinkFiniti is versatile and paves the way to the right profession.

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Dr. Sitanshu counselled me during one of the toughest times in my lives and helped me find direction. He provided me insight on how to monetize my Instagram. As a mentor he is an extremely well rounded person and so motivated to see others succeed. I appreciate how personally invested he is in his work and wish all his students the best of luck.

Elizabeth Banks Affiliate Marketer

Thinkfiniti helped me during the time when I was invited for a TEDxTalk. In such a short duration they helped me up with the practice of my session as it was my first talk and definitely everyone is terrified of stage fear . The positivity which Dr. Sitanshu bring in is very massive and impacting, it helped me alot during my talk.Would highly recommend them to schools,colleges or individuals looking forward to develop such skills. They deliver what they promise.

Shubham Jain CEO of Tresmoto, TedX Speaker

Dr. Chauhan makes learning an easy,fast and efficient task for students.He teaches practical brain train strategies which are useful to both students and educators.His program of optimising the learning process and has helped me immensely. Truly worthy training.

Sajna Nizar Founder , Great Moms Key, Coimbatore

The pandemic hit at the cusp of my graduation and had left me confused about my future.I came across a webinar by Thinkfiniti which was the most uplifting, resourceful webinar I have attended.The speaker, Dr.Sitanshu was extremely cheerful and positive.In under an hour he worked his charm to make me feel more confident about my aspirations. His belief in my goals made me land a job at Byjus in the recent past.

Vaishali Singh Software Engineer, Byju's

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